How owning a dog can positively impact your life

They say a man’s best friend is his dog. And that can certainly be true, not just for individuals but for entire families. If you have ever been put off investing in a pet, consider the positive impact that owning a four-legged friend will have on your life. If you give a dog love and affection and consider it as part of the family, it will reward you with years of faithful companionship and a

4Ocean- Cleaning up the Ocean and Shore Line

On our sunday morning run, my brother mentioned to me about this great organisation who removes trash and plastic from the ocean and shore line. 4Ocean was started by Alex and Andrew who were on a surfing trip to Bali when they sat on the beach and took notice of many local fisherman going back out at night to fish in order to make money and feed their families. They saw that the locals would

Rolex ‘Batman’

Since this watch was released, I have always had my eye on it. The Rolex GMT Master II Batman Black dial / Blue and Black Bezel 116710 is rugged but classic and puts a confidence in my stride.

IWC Le Petite Prince

Love this watch- blue dial, solid tan leather strap.

Rolex Air King

Updated version of the classic Air King-love the numerals and deep green Rolex logo

Ulysse Nardin Michelangelo Gigante

Had my eye on this for a while – my favourite shape and love the dial

Having the right Mindset for the New Year

Most people write down new year’s resolutions at the start of each year but most of those resolutions get broken by the middle of January. This happens due to the lack of positive mindset to achieve those goals. Having a positive mindset is the best way to make sure that you achieve everything you want in the following year because it outlines how you are going to manage yourself throughout the year. Following are three

New watch brand – LIV-taking the market by storm

I came across this brand on a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign- absolutely love the quality, ruggedness, colour combinations and style! Great value for money Kickstarter campaign links below: 2016: 2017: