When did Black Friday first start in the UK and how has it changed high street shopping? If they do how much does there sales go down? Best Black Friday deals in the UK for 2017 including all the latest offers for over the weekend. RE: Does apple have sales on black friday? The news media usually give heavy play to reports of Black Friday shopping and their ... concept of a retail "Black Friday" in the UK. This Site Might Help You. When did the UK have its first Black Friday? eBay Black Friday Deals: Best UK deals, sales, discounts, and offers to help you save money on tech, games and more right now. Complete coverage of ikea Black Friday 2017 Ads & ikea Black Friday deals info. UK retailers have gone big on the American tradition of Black Friday over the last few years Mantic Games always tend to go big on Black Friday and as per usual have roled out Crazy Bobby who is threatening a range of crazy deals starting from 8am on Friday. Black Friday is over for another year, but you can be sure we'll have some more great offers next time round. It's the day after Black Friday - and Amazon still has some rock-bottom prices on top items What is China's Singles Day and how does it compare to Black Friday? Black Friday weekend is here! *UPDATED 23 Nov* Todays post brings a round-up of Pandora Black Friday 2017 offers, many of which have already started this week!