Greetings antenna experts! I am trying to figure out why the lowest SWR reading I am getting with my 40 meter dipole (flattop) is 1.5 to 1. If the low edge has the lower SWR the antenna is too long. If the high edge reads lower the antenna is too short. I need ideas on how to lower swr right now it is at about 3.1:1-3.5:1 the high swr is because the antenna is mounted right behind the cab of a truck on the passenger side of the box. I have cut the antenna down about 5 inch's and that is how I got it down to the current level. Out of the package it read off my meter. Setting and Correcting SWR. 1. If the lowest SWR reading occurs on channel 40, the antenna whip is to short and must be ... but the SWR is still lower on CH 40. Alright, so i just bought a Cobra LTD 25 classic, a new 102'' steel antenna and a ball mount. I then added in a 4" spring to the mount. Reconnect this end of the cable, which is going to the antenna, to the SWR meter in the connector marked antenna or ANT. Next, use the jumper lead to connect your radio and the SWR meter through the connection marked transmitter or XMIT. Now you are ready to measure the SWR on a few different channels. In this video I show you how to tune a CB radio's whip antenna using an SWR meter. Setting your antennas SWR will reduce the restriction of radiated power. 19 Jan 2016 NOTE: I recently received a Nagoya UT-106 antenna, and it appears to be a legitimate version. Testing is in progress. Using RG-59 or RG-6 CATV cable with an amateur radio antenna. As ham radio operators, were always looking for a way to save a buck. Basics: Correct or Incorrect?, Page 3 The SWR presented by an antenna is minimum at the fundamental resonant frequency. Graphical Impedance Antenna Analyzer Review/Demo MFJ VNA Antenna Analyzer covers 1 to 230 MHz, 1Hz resolution. What is the W3EDP antenna? The best way to answer that question is to provide a simple diagram of the original antenna and go from there. 1 160m/80m Broadband Antenna by K5GP A presentation to CTDXCC September 22, 2008 The 160m/80m broadband antenna design objectives were to have: Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Power/SWR Electronic Meters. Shop with confidence on eBay! BROADBAND VHF/UHF Dual Band Antenna. Dual band, designed to assist S earch & R escue Volunteers and Professionals 1.5:1 or less SWR: 144-148/440-450MHz Firestik Antenna Company - 2614 E Adams St - Phoenix, AZ 85034 - (Tel) 602-273-7151 - Return to Index Go to Home Page This section will list several projects which will allow you to build your own RF design test equipment. Recently the RASON technical committee was hard at work at the repeater site repairing our 2 meter repeater antenna. PY1BEK Vertical antenna for ham radio 40-meter ham band (7 MHz) This self-supported vertical antenna was made with aluminum tubes of The Palstar AT2K antenna tuner covers 160 to 6 Meters with a power rating of up to 2000 watts PEP. The HF-2-30 HF Broad Band Folded Dipole Antenna offer optimum performance, fully automatic, low SWR operation over the entire HF band 1.5 30 MHz. How to ADJUST YOUR SWR on your CB radio and Why. ... (normally connected to the back of the CB ) to the connector marked Antenna or Ant on your SWR Meter. Problem Solvers for Wire Antenna Installations ... when installed properly, a wide range (10:1) should be employed to reduce SWR and broaden out the bandwidth. Quote:> The antenna should be electrically isolated from > the pole if the pole is metal. > The coax center conductor should be connected to > the 102" whip. Unless he uses channels above > Channel 40 alot, he should add 6 inches to the > antenna (a spring at the bottom or a piece of > stiff wire at the top). The voltage standing wave ratio ... VSWR alone is not sufficient to determine an antenna is functioning properly. VSWR can also be measured on the Smith Chart. SWR ON A IMAX 2000. ... they have two rings on the lower portion of the antenna that has threads. Moving the rings up and down will raise/lower the SWR to Adjusting SWR with amp. ... from not being 1.5 or lower on a SWR Lower is better for DX. Easier to hide in antenna restricted areas (can be ... Antennas 101 Part 2 Directional And Gain Antennas An SWR too low over the whole band (1:1 for all 40 channels) can indicate a low efficiency antenna or lossy component. Safe operation of your CB should be with an SWR of 2:1 or less. Most people would prefer to be 1.5:1 or less. VSWR, or Voltage Standing Wave Ratio. ... Baluns are used extensively in antennas to not only convert from ... of cable loss will reduce the reflected power to 15 watts. CB Radio Tuning An Antenna For Good SWR. Problems solved. I hope this video helps new breakers in tuning their Mobile Antenna The best SWR reading would be 1:1 but as stated earlier this could only be achieved with a perfect antenna and no antenna is perfect. So