Tape the other end of the wire to the bottom of the light bulb stem. When you connect the two wires to the light bulb, it will light up [source: Dave]. Electrons flow out of the negative terminal of the battery, through the bulb and back into the positive side of the battery to make the bulb light up [source: Energy Kids]. how to make a light bulb light up with a paper clip, and a battery. Make the light bulb light up with the battery by touching the bottom tip of the bulb to the positive or bumpy end of the battery. The bulb contains two wires extending into the inside of its base that create the circuit that lights the bulb. One stops at the side of the metal base and one extends into the tip, so be sure all contacts with the bulb base touch. Light This should be the positive side of the battery. When you touch the wire to the surface of your battery, it should light up. This is because the electrons flow out of the negative terminal of your battery, through the bulb, and back into the positive side. This creates a circuit that causes the bulb to light up. Learn how to make a light bulb light up with common household items. Its not much larger than a regular AA battery but produces six times the voltage. If you want to make a light bulb light up using a 9-volt battery, then you need to ensure that the light bulb voltage is similar. Check the label on your light bulb to A lemon-powered light bulb is a great ... can get a good "battery" for your light bulb. How to Make a Light Bulb. Two Methods: Making a Simple Graphite Light Bulb Using Iron Filaments Community Q&A. A light bulb is made when metal filament is heated to the point at which the wire glows. The most well-known type of light bulb is the incandescent light bulb, which is the version used in most homes. A lemon-powered light bulb is a great science project or even a great green solution for camping or power outages. How to Make a Lightbulb Light Up With a 9 Volt Battery A 9-volt battery is distinct from most other batteries. WHAT MAKES A LIGHT BULB LIGHT? Predict and test configurations of a battery, bulb, and wire that will make the complete circuit; I have a science project for school and my friend are wondering how to make a light bulb light up. If you have fruit, nails, and wire then you can make a fruit battery to generate electricity to turn on a light bulb. Here's what you do. Follow in Edisons footsteps and make your own light bulb with a jar and some ... How To Make a Light Bulb. In the Build a Light Bulb ... Make sure the clip is facing up, ... Touch the other positive and negative ends of the alligator clips to the ends of your super battery. 8. Make a Lightbulb Construct a ... can twist strands of iron wire around them to make a ... and the other to the negative end of the battery. The lightbulb will light up! A room-by-room guide to the right lightbulbs Use LEDs to create layers of light but avoid glare From DIY instructions for home improvement projects to design inspiration for your home, eHow offers all the essential how-to info you need. Abstract Imagine telling your friends about your latest science project: using a battery to make a light turn on. Check with a grown-up before you begin. First, attach one of the paperclips to a wire. Then attach a penny to a second wire. Light up the night with the Nickelodeon PAW Patrol Chase Figural Night Light. Light bulb type: UV Light. - The strong and lightweight aluminum case made for the Flashlight. Battery Kids by Chrome Battery . Contact Us. Contact Us; Aluminum Lighting. How To Make A Light Bulb Light Up With A Paper Clip, And A Battery. - How-To-DIY.org Potatoes are, by nature, a great battery acid and a simple trick can transform a simple potato into a cost-effective lightbulb that can light up a room. Create a potato batter with a couple of screws and a light bulb. Charge a light bulb with the use of comb with the Charge a Light Bulb ... 3.6 Fruit Battery; 4 Science ... and observe the filament of the bulb light up! How do you make a light bulb light up using a d-cell battery with one wire? How do I set up fruit, a battery and lightbulb to make the lightbulb light for Science fair?