4Ocean- Cleaning up the Ocean and Shore Line

On our sunday morning run, my brother mentioned to me about this great organisation who removes trash and plastic from the ocean and shore line.
4Ocean was started by Alex and Andrew who were on a surfing trip to Bali when they sat on the beach and took notice of many local fisherman going back out at night to fish in order to make money and feed their families.
They saw that the locals would have to push their boats through huge amounts of trash and would return every morning with barely any fish. The problem of ocean trash and overfishing of the reef was something that resonated deeply with Alex and Andrew because of their love for the ocean.
They became driven to think of a way to help solve the problem and that is when the idea for 4Ocean was born and the idea was to offer a recycled bracelet for purchase that purposefully and proudly funds the removal of trash from our oceans and coastlines – one pound at a time.

It is a great cause and each bracelet is only $20, yet has a much longer lasting impact and helps continue this tremendous work started by Alex and Andrew

Read more about it at 4Ocean

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