Don’t be intimidated!

For some reason I was always intimidated about trying  Barry’s Bootcamp UK classes. No idea why but I was. In June last year I set a goal to do 4 by the end of the year. The 1st class was tough but enjoyable in a crazy way. Was definitely out of my comfort zone. Surprisingly I managed to smash through the goal and do 8. ***********************************In 2019 I reset my goals ( only 12 classes this year –

The Gurus Guide to 2019- sharing a magazine article

The Evening Standard magazine in London, UK, ran this article (written by Rosamund Dean) in their 18th January edition. It made a lot of sense to me and I wanted to share it. The article summarised 6 areas where experts (gurus) provided ideas on how to implement small changes into your lives in 2019 to make the year your best ever. It is well illustrated and written in a simple easy to follow manner (and

A few coffee shop experiences outside London

Whenever we travel outside London, I am always keen to try new coffee places.  Here are a few: Coast . Surf + Moto 91 Salterns Rd, Poole BH14 8BL, UK Great coffee shop in Poole @wearecoast. Great place for a coffee, bite to eat or some retail therapy The Paddle Cafe Bar Eatery 397 Lymington Rd, Highcliffe, Christchurch BH23 5JN, UK Great coffee and vibes. Extensive menu- will definitely go back for lunch or


As we go into the crazy Christmas season, people don’t often give much thought to their goals and rather over indulge in festive food and drink so planning their goals for the next year is not really a consideration. I am personally not going to wait until January for this and have started incorporating the following into my days. Fitness: Setting Specific Goals  I read a quote which said ‘Summer bodies are made in winter’


As I have spent more time on personal development in the latter part of this year (more so than ever before in my career) as well as learning how prevalent anxiety and stress is all around us, I have thought about different ways to help reduce stress. As we get to the end of the year, it is definitely the case that stress levels rise, caused by a combination of (i) stresses at work around

Developing a Positive Mindset.

  Over the last few months, I have been actively focusing on personal development and investing in myself. Finding your Why, and developing the right Mindset are critical pillars to establishing and achieving your goals. Definition of Positive: “Full of hope or Confidence”;  or  “a desirable or constructive quality or attribute” Definition of Mindset: “The established set of attitudes held by someone”; or “A person’s way of thinking and their opinions”. Some of the key things I have learnt

Great bosses and leaders are hard to find and they leave a legacy

  I recently read an article by Brigette Hyacinth, an author, on how one of her bosses had a profound effect on her and even though he left the company years ago, she cannot forget him or the lessons she and others learnt. It made me think about some of my experiences over the course of my 26-year career and how fortunate I have been to work for some great bosses. Some of them remain

Water- The supply is not infinite!

A bit of a rant here. Water is such a precious commodity and one that many people take for granted. One of my biggest bugbears is when people just leave the tap running at the gym whilst they are shaving or doing their hair etc. So many people struggle with little or no water yet the amount we waste is crazy….not everyone can just turn on the tap and water flows freely. Let’s all try

What would I tell myself at 20 years old?

Find your passion in life and pursue it. There will be plenty of naysayers- ignore them You may set a goal of an industry/job that you want but remember there are many twists and turns Key themes: Adaptability / flexibility / and embrace change Learn to compromise- you may not always like the people you work with or agree on their ideas: Stay Humble, Be authentic Treat everyone the way you expect you be treated-

Spinning – a fun journey so far.

This is taken from a post I made on my personal Instagram account and wanted to capture it here. The gym classes which I love and which my body relates to are those that give a cardio blast and keep it interesting such as high intensity interval training (HIIT) and, lift and row classes, which last for circa 30 to 45 minutes. I am not one who enjoys just one exercise or spending hours in

Instagram musings – Love Hate relationship

I wanted to share some musings on Instagram, which I have started to use a lot more over the past few months. It is a great platform and remarkable how it has grown since inception. I am more a visual person and the endless supply of photos on décor and design, watches, fashion, lifestyle, fitness, food and places satisfies my creative brain but sometimes I have to stop myself spending hours scrolling through content. The

Understanding your WHY?

  In the past few months I have been investing in my personal development through attending events, reading books, researching and listening to live podcasts. One of the critical things I have learnt during this time is realizing the importance of my WHY? What is my purpose? Going to a weekend seminar with Ed Smith of the Champion Academy was helpful in setting this out and his story is inspiring. This was further reinforced when

Taking time out for yourself: #mentalhealthawareness

“Sending love to everyone who is trying their best to heal from the things that they don’t discuss” Over the last few years we have seen so much more transparency and openness about mental health. Still a long way to go but there has been progress. On #worldmentalhealthday (10 October) there were so many posts on this through social media platforms which is encouraging as it becomes far more mainstream, accepted and spoken about. Personally

Trip to Barcelona- Experiences over 3 days

During summer school holidays we spent a few days in Barcelona- was my daughters’ first trip to Spain and I was hoping they could practice some of the Spanish they were learning at school. Having previously been to Barcelona (back in 2000) and loved it, I knew we wanted to be based fairly centrally – not too far from Las Ramblas- partly because that is what I knew but also was easy to get around

How owning a dog can positively impact your life

They say a man’s best friend is his dog. And that can certainly be true, not just for individuals but for entire families. If you have ever been put off investing in a pet, consider the positive impact that owning a four-legged friend will have on your life. If you give a dog love and affection and consider it as part of the family, it will reward you with years of faithful companionship and a

4Ocean- Cleaning up the Ocean and Shore Line

On our sunday morning run, my brother mentioned to me about this great organisation who removes trash and plastic from the ocean and shore line. 4Ocean was started by Alex and Andrew who were on a surfing trip to Bali when they sat on the beach and took notice of many local fisherman going back out at night to fish in order to make money and feed their families. They saw that the locals would

Having the right Mindset for the New Year

Most people write down new year’s resolutions at the start of each year but most of those resolutions get broken by the middle of January. This happens due to the lack of positive mindset to achieve those goals. Having a positive mindset is the best way to make sure that you achieve everything you want in the following year because it outlines how you are going to manage yourself throughout the year. Following are three

New watch brand – LIV-taking the market by storm

I came across this brand on a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign- absolutely love the quality, ruggedness, colour combinations and style! Great value for money Kickstarter campaign links below: 2016: 2017: