What would I tell myself at 20 years old?

Find your passion in life and pursue it. There will be plenty of naysayers- ignore them

You may set a goal of an industry/job that you want but remember there are many twists and turns

Key themes:

  1. Adaptability / flexibility / and embrace change
  2. Learn to compromise- you may not always like the people you work with or agree on their ideas:
  3. Stay Humble, Be authentic
  4. Treat everyone the way you expect you be treated- and don’t differentiate between the janitor or CEO
  5. Resilience: there will be challenging times in both personal and professional life: you will be able to deal with these by being resilient
  6. Communication: secret of a happy personal and professional life-never under estimate this
  7. Empathy: Be Human- Be grateful and be Kind
  8. Perspective: maintain perspective and a sense of humour
  9. Be a good listener and make time for people
  10. Hold your hand up if you are wrong and learn from mistakes.
  11. Ninety nine % of the things you worry about never happen. Dream more and worry less. It goes fast.
  12. Set the goals, track these monthly and review regularly to ensure you are on track.
  13. Get a mentor or a few. It is always goo to learn from those who have achieved things or roles where you want to get to, or who you look up to.

Don’t forget that friends and family are key to your success- they won’t judge you and, are by your side.

In summary:

  1. Be adaptable
  2. Control what you can control and don’t get too bothered if others say or try and do your job- just focus on what you can deliver
  3. Stop comparing yourself to others.
  4. Embrace change- it will happen a lot
  5. Be consistent – treat everyone the same (be they the janitor or CEO)
  6. Stay humble/ be authentic and show gratitude
  7. Resilience is key- there will be good and bad times
  8. Communication- this is the secret of a happy personal and professional life
  9. Another key one is try and follow what your passions are- don’t worry about what others think and try not to be fit the stereotype (In South Africa when I was looking at careers it was all very mainstream – ie doctor, lawyer, accountant- yet there is so much more.)

Finally, take moments to reflect and then plot the next goals. Always focus on being better than yesterday!

What would you tell a younger version of yourself knowing what you know today?

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