As we go into the crazy Christmas season, people don’t often give much thought to their goals and rather over indulge in festive food and drink so planning their goals for the next year is not really a consideration. I am personally not going to wait until January for this and have started incorporating the following into my days.

  1. Fitness: Setting Specific Goals

 I read a quote which said ‘Summer bodies are made in winter’ and it got me thinking on organising a structured plan for my training. Now that my calf muscle injury is healing (a tennis injury) have started to incorporate more spin classes but need to get back to short runs outside and HIIT sessions.

All of my favourite spin studios captured in this photo: Core Collective, 1Rebel, Another Space, Psycle

  • Start Cooking ‘again’

 I used the word ‘again’ as I had been very good at planning meals, buying the ingredients and cooking fresh food. I have let that slip so it’s time to reignite the James Duigan books and recipes I enjoy replicating. There are many recipe and cooking books on the market but I relate to James’s philosophy, menus and mantra.

2 of James Duigan’s food and lifestyle books

  • Declutter – Keep Life Simple

   It’s amazing how much stuff just accumulates and it’s time to not only clear out the wardrobes but also to declutter and cleanse the mind. The charity shop has definitely benefitted but what is clear is that I need to focus on not buying things that I wear once. I wonder how many people suffer from this same issue? Clear concise action lists and pursuing my goals are my focus.

  • Cut Myself Some Slack – Learn to Relax

   One thing that I can definitely improve at is ‘allowing’ myself more downtime. Often on weekends I will wake early to get the day started with a spin class, etc but it’s time to mix it up and maybe do a class later in the day or even enjoy a day off.

These are a few points I am focussing on to ensure I have a clear path to achieving the goals I lay out

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