The Gurus Guide to 2019- sharing a magazine article

The Evening Standard magazine in London, UK, ran this article (written by Rosamund Dean) in their 18th January edition. It made a lot of sense to me and I wanted to share it. The article summarised 6 areas where experts (gurus) provided ideas on how to implement small changes into your lives in 2019 to make the year your best ever. It is well illustrated and written in a simple easy to follow manner (and jargon free).

The 6 areas are:

  1. How to be happy by Haemin Sunim
  2. How to be fit by Joe Wicks
  3. How to be better with money by Laura Whateley
  4. How to reset your habits by Louise Parker
  5. How to be kinder (to yourself) by Shahroo Izadi
  6. How to manage stress by Dr Rangan Chatterjee

The article is copied in below for you to read at your leisure :

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